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What is a Sword?

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What is a Sword? Really?


It may sound like a stupid question but I think it bares some consideration.
A Sword is more than a blade and a hilt, more than metal & wood & leather.  A Sword is more than any mere weapon, (however effective). It is one of the few objects that resonates with something deep inside all of us, something universal and uniquely human...
The Sword is a symbol of soverignity & justice, chivilry & power, of honor & Devine Appointment.  It is a symbol of masculinity & truth, of purity and war;equally often the subject of romantic fantasy and cold, sharp reality...
Throughout history they have been seen as the utility of both rightous rule and of savage conquest, of brave defenders and ruthless invadors.
For centuries it has been firmly imbeded in nearly every aspect of our civilization, standing like an obilisk at the point where wisedom and folly meet.  It is a part of the lore and even the very fabric of nearly every religion- a sacred object, a focal point for spiritual energy, a manifestation of the Soul of the Warrior.  It has, in many ways, defined the course of human developement & been the instrument of the rise and fall of countless empires great and small; both the maker and the slayer of kings & kingdoms. 
Simply holding a Sword makes a man feel stronger, more powerful, more veril- inspired with a strange mix of wild excitement and solumn reverance; none can deny it's alure or it's magisty.
The slightest contact with a brightly gleaming blade gives rise to visions of glory and high adventure- gazing upon it's mirrored surface, we see reflections of our inner-most selves, our deepest desires, our highest aspirations...


What defines a Warrior?
A Warrior is one who posesses a sence of  personal responsibility for the freedom, safety, and well-being of those he or she cares for.  A person who is willing at any moment to make the ultimate sacrofice in order to protect the ones he or she loves; their family, their people, their country.  A person of strength and courage who is ready, willing, & able to stand against any threat to those that they have sworn or deturmined to defend.

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