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Dragon Bone Swords

Scrap Book

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Here are some more pics and a few comments from the last few events we've attended.

Viking Fest 2005 

Our Booth 1

Our Booth 2

Eric the Viking

The Village

The Village 2

The Management of the Viking Fest has promised to send us some better pics of this event and some footage of the action.  We will post these as soon as we get them so check back soon!

Drawing for Dragon Bone Swords
To help promote the Viking Invasion Org.

Viking Fest 2003

Our Booth

Random Passers-by

The Gladiators

Many thanks to everyone who visited our booth at this event, we hope to see you all again soon!

I update this page as often as I can but I occasionally get behind so please be patient and I will ad new pics and comments as soon as possible.