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Crusader Arms and Armor

Trebuchet & Catapult Kits

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The Fearsome Warwolf

A 1/10th scale reproducton of the medieval siege engine.

This big, easy to assemble kit is based on descriptions of the early 14th century machine known as "Warwolf", the heavy artilery of the Medieval period! It has been said that when the occupants of a castle under seige saw it, they would surrender immediately.  Imagine the sight, feeling relatively safe behind castle walls being harmlessly pelted by puny arrows and small catapult stones, then to see a 50 foot beast with its huge counterweight and mighty beam, capable of tossing 300 lb. boulders!

The Warwolf is generally thought of as the most powerful and most famous of the trebuchets in history. It was even the focus of a recent PBS documentary (NOVA, Secrets of Lost Empires: Medieval Siege). Hand crafted of high quality wood, the kit contains everything you need to build a working model.*




At 1/10 scale, this professionally engineered machine, has a 2 foot long arm, is 34 inches from front to back, 29 inches wide and at rest stands over 5 & 1/2 feet tall! This is a working model capable of tossing 1/4 lb up to 1 pound** missiles over 100 feet! Just by using the power of gravity and a clever application of leverage.

The detailed instructions are complete with diagrams.  All parts are pre-cut, pre-drilled and can be assembled to a finished model in one evening (plus glue drying time).

Perfect for science classes, history buffs, & back yard hobys too!


Ask about up comming Trebuchet & Catapult Siege Tournaments!