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Crusader Arms and Armor

Special Events

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Wanted: Entertainers, Artists, Musicians, Tatoo Artists/Body Piercers, & Vendors of unique & exotic items of all kinds for upcoming Special Events.
Email us for details.

Comming Soon to Central Texas: Midieval & Fantasy Festivals Produced by Crusader Arms & Armor!


-Midieval Swordsmanship Classes
-Catapult/Trebuchet Tourniments
-Live Entertainment

Come and see us in person at one or more of the following events as well!

May 31-Jun 4th, 2006
ROT Bike Rally, Austin, TX

Gothic Wars, 2005
Sweetwater, TX

ROT (Republic of Texas), Motorcycle Ralley, Austin TX: May 31-June 4, 2006 @ the Travis County Expo Center

Gothic Wars (SCA)
Sept. 2006
Laborday Weekend
Sweetwater Municipal Park,
Sweetwater, TX
Click on the castle (Left), to see pics from Gothic Wars & learn about our great adventure & the wonderful people we met along the way!

Click Here
For more Viking Fest Pics!

Steps Warlord, 2005
Memorial Day Weekend Canton, TX

Other Events to Watch
We can't be at them all but we thought you'd like to know...


We will post new events as we receive  registerations for each of them.  We will add information about each event as we receive it.  This page is updated frequently so be sure to check back often.